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Acticill Eyelash Serum

Acticill Eyelash Serum

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Would you also like long and full eyelashes? Without eyelash extensions? It's possible!

Lengthen and make your natural eyelashes fuller in 2 months with the Acticill Eyelash Serum.

  • Takes care of the eyelashes
  • Intensively nourishes the root of the eyelash and therefore promotes growth, including new eyelashes
  • Makes them fuller, longer, darker and stronger!


Apply the serum in a thin layer using the applicator in a smooth movement from left to right like an eyeliner, 1 cap is enough for the top and bottom of one eye, do not be too generous with the product.

Use consistently EVERY day for the first 3 months to promote growth. Then 3 to 4 times a week to maintain the effect.

One bottle is sufficient for 6 to 8 months, 2 bottles per year are sufficient to maintain the result.

This product can also be used on the eyebrows.

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