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Skin Wash Pink Grapefruit

Skin Wash Pink Grapefruit

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  • Grapefruit Pink has a sunny and fruity scent
  • The scent is reminiscent of orange with a fresh, spicy citrus and sweeter undertone
  • Available in 100ml and 500ml

The RainPharma shower gel cleans your skin without drying it out! This shower gel is packed with natural ingredients of plant origin, which means that this formula foams less than other synthetic variants. Do you still want more foam? Then use the Liu's Sponge and enjoy a wonderful natural foam moment!

All RainPharma shower gels can also be used as hand soap, so that they are cleaned gently and caringly. Use only 1 drop for this!

Why do the Skin Wash shower gels differ in price?

The shower gels obtain their unique scent from pure essential oils. The price is determined by the ingredients used and depends on how difficult or easy it is to extract the essential oils from the plant, herb or fruit.

Yet they are not at all more expensive than the traditional shower gel from the supermarket, but they are more sustainable, because this formula is more concentrated, they are super economical in use. For example, with the popular Lemongrass scent you can shower for a year for €3.57 per month.

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