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Azure Tan

SUPPLE Skin Body Tanning Serum 200ml

SUPPLE Skin Body Tanning Serum 200ml

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The Azure Tan Supple Skin Body Serum is designed to retain moisture in the skin, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, plump and velvety soft. And this while you gradually build up a sunny tan.

This serum is also a nice addition or aftercare to your spray tanning or self tanning, to boost your complexion and keep it even.

Active ingredients:

  • HYALURONIC ACID: Works by drawing moisture into the skin to further maintain moisture levels, creating smooth, plump skin.
  • VITAMIN B3 & E: Antioxidants that improve the skin and help protect against harmful UV rays, which can accelerate skin aging.

Azur Tan formulas are 100% Vegan and not tested on animals.

Instructions for use :

Apply Supple Skin Serum liberally to the body in a circular motion and spread evenly. Daily use keeps skin hydrated and you get a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. Wash hands after use.

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